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Crowdfunding: support 5.6 Magazine

What will 5.6 magazine, Issue 11 bring us?

  • 100% Exclusive Content;

  • informal place, where urban discussion begins;

  • a photography as a set of signs, symbols and images that creates a new vision of architecture;

  • an opportunity for authors to meet and to discover new names, to cooperate with publishers, gallerists, critics and experts in the field of urban studies in the future!

    Let`s support the big idea!

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You can donate an amount from 1 to 100001 UAH.

Спільнокошт — колективне фінансування проектів — is a guarantee of your good intentions!




The project that creates a room for the dialogue, discovers the phenomenon of building in the urban space, social connections, historical and cultural heritage.


Architecture forms a space for living and activities of population, has a clear social orientation and, subsequently, can become a space for civil interaction. The science of design forms the laws of esthetics, which sometimes represent the epoch even more eloquent than all other types of art.

In Ukrainian architecture of XXth century there were several rapid turns, which have changed the looks of our cities forever. At the same time, the previous heritage after each new chosen course was neglected. The lack of succession, sustainable development as well as the rapid growth of the primary capital have largely conditioned the state of Ukrainian architecture in the early 21st century. Thus, we are observing the expansion of architectural styles, which are not corresponding to the needs and perceptions of people today.

5.6 team has prepared a critical issue of the magazine on the relationships among communities, developers and architects. The main goal is to show the chaotic state of construction in Ukrainian cities. In our opinion, this is a significant step towards the complex definition of the nation’s cultural values ​​and the increase of the tourist attractiveness of the country as a whole. Architecture can not speak, but photos of project participants (including professional photographers, architects, journalists and designers) can represent urban transformations of the public space.

«ARCHITECTURE, COMMUNITY, TIME» is a platform for social activity.

 Photography can raise the discourse on whether the visual image leaves an imprint in architecture or whether the architecture form the visual image of modern Ukraine.

We invite everyone to the formation of a values hierarchy ​​and research of the public space!

Join us!

How can a description and research of architecture make it more adapted to human needs in the future?

Description and research of architecture both in modern and other stages of its development gives us a good opportunity to avoid previous mistakes.

Architectural discourse should be considered from the point of view that architecture is not only buildings in photography or in cinema — this is an environment, where we live, and which affects us no less than other factors of human existence.

In the modern developed world, every architectural project is preceded by a public hearing and discussion — that we also emphasize.

Talking about the modern city is extremely important, as in the near future, people will live mostly in big cities. However, «how» can we start this conversation, especially taking into account the previous urban layers, few can imagine!


5.6 magazine is a social project that is intended to familiarize society with world and Ukrainian photography.

The team carefully elaborates on the theme of each issue and has implemented such projects as «Personal / Political», «Ukraine / America», «Range of action: Sandy Kim / Alexander Glyadyelov», «Limit of polysemy: Synchrodogs / Cate Underwood / Valeria Lazareva / Sasha Samsonova, Kharkiv School of Photography, Variable Cloudiness, Poo-tee-weet? and others.

Our team is:

Viktor Marushchenko — photographer

Alexey Bykov — architect

Alexander Kurmas — designer

Max Chatsky — art director

Nikoletta Yurets — Project Manager

Working on No 11

Support for non-commercial publications is part of the development of independent art criticism and an unbiased view of contemporary art, the full part of which is photography.

Our team creates conditions for the exchange of ideas and dialogue!

Support for non-commercial publications is a participation in the development of independent art criticism and an unbiased view on contemporary art, the full part of which is photography.

Our team creates the conditions for the exchange of ideas and dialogue!

How can you take part in the project:

- become a patron of Issue No11;

- share the 5.6 campaign on social networks and encourage friends to support it;

- order your own copy of the magazine or choose a bonus offered by us;

-cooperate with us and participate in the distribution of the magazine.


Still have questions?

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 Order a copy today and support the Ukrainian photography!

The collected funds will be directed to Issue No. 11, namely, design, payment for professional translation (the magazine is published in English and Ukrainian), layout and printing expenses (1,000 copies).

Your help is needed in order to reduce the cost of the magazine and make it accessible!

We plan to distribute most of the copies to museums, local initiatives and art spaces, as well as public organizations involved in urban and cultural development of the cities.

After completing the company at biggggidea.com — we plan to print copies in a month and present the Issue. Keep up to date with 5.6!



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